Evening Programs

Evening Program

An evening at tomar castle in the realm of the templarS

We will spend an evening in Tomar with a candlelight dinner at its great Templar castle, whose ambience evokes the centuries when the Templars – and their successors in Portugal, the Knights of Christ – were at their most active. 

The Knights Templar Castle in Tomar

Evening Program

Fado poema

With Tânia Cardoso, Rodrigo Crespo and Catarina Anacleto 

Fado is the exquisite music of longing and passion that emerged from the ocean journeys of Portuguese sailors and explorers, and their feelings for those they loved but had left behind in the old country. It is said that an old romance between Music and Poetry gave birth to this timeless Portuguese art. This evening includes performances of songs based on the work of Portuguese poets David Mourão Ferreira, Mário de Sá Carneiro and Fernando Pessoa, and the Arab poets of Al-Andalus who inhabited medieval Portugal. Singer Tânia Cardoso, guitarist and composer Rodrigo Crespo, and cellist Catarina Anacleto, turn into music the words of the poets who sang of the Portuguese Soul.

Evening Program

The fairy tale medieval town of obidos

On our last evening in Tomar, we will travel about an hour to the magical town of Obidos. Given as a gift to his wife by the troubadour KIng of Portugal, Denys, on his wedding day in 1282, Obidos is an enchanting, medieval, walled hilltop town. With its cobbled streets, dramatic castle and charming ambience, Obidos is especially known for its devotion to literature and abundance of bookshops tucked into historic buildings. We will have dinner in a restaurant surrounded by old books and, between courses, hear Sufi and Portuguese poetry.


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